Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sandra in Spain, Take Two

First of all, faithful readers, let me apologize for the false start. I encountered some technical issues that I won't get into right now. Suffice it to say, I think we are out of the woods now, and the timing couldn't be better. Just the other night I received a couple of emails and a small sampling of photos from our heroes.

The text in italics are quotes pulled directly from Sandra's emails to me. Enjoy!

The picture of me holding the pussy willows is a reminder of the late spring they are having in Spain with much colder temperatures than normal. The weather reminded me of Newfoundland and the Pussy Willows reminded me of the ones Frank use to bring home for me in May. Tomorrow (March 8th) there is snow forcasted - like I said it reminds me of home!

The picture of myself and Glenys is the day we started. It was a beautiul day and we walked from Lorgono to Navarrete. This was only 13 kms but we thought this would be a good warm up! We stayed at a wonderful Albergue with another couple from Spain. We just finished day 4 and I have two blister and yes, Glenys has one!

The picture of the plate of food is Tapas. This is a traditional food here that is often served in bars. Ours had shrimp, octopus, mussels, red pepper, onions and is in a vinegar marinade. The specific contents vary from one part of Spain to another. The weather is out of season but the food is tasty and enticing.

I also received this email update today after work:

We hope to arrive in Burgeos Wed night (that´s tomorrow) and we´re going to take a day off. I have a few not so nice blisters plus we would both like a rest and a look around Burgeos. The past two days have been winter weather with snow and quite cold temperatures. I´ve had to be inventive and use a pair of socks as mittens!! This is unexpected weather so there aren´t gloves readily available to buy. We stayed in an albergue last night who´s only heat source was a wood stove in the kitchen - we went to bed with extra clothes and two blankets ontop of our sleeping bag. We had a fellow from Germany in the place with us. We´ve been walking on clay roads for these two days so when the sun comes out we are walking in muck that clogs to our boots.

Having said all that, we are having a good time. Tonight we are in an albergue in Ages. There´s lots of heat and we are quite comfortable. However we did wash out our only two pair of pants that were caked in mud almost up to our knees. I hung mine on the rail outside the door and took them in frozen!! We all have our clothes spread oround the place to dry.

Drying pants out on a frozen rail? Wearing socks as gloves and falling asleep fully-dressed in a sleeping bag? This sounds more like May 24th weekend in Butterpot Park! Then again, who am I to judge.

Although, it has occurred to me that none of us actually witnessed them getting on the plane. Bear with me for a moment and have a look at that photo of Sandra and Glenys sitting on the bench. I'm beginning to think that they're having us all on. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they waited for us to leave the airport, jumped in a taxi, and are no doubt currently camping under the bridge in Bowering Park.

Time will tell. I'll keep you all posted, and in the meantime, if you spot any female hobos hiking around Southside Road, give me a call.



  1. You were right about the picture, Jason - could be numerous places around here! :)


  2. I think this is all a hoax. Just like they faked the landing on the moon from the Nevada desert, these two scallywags are filming this whole endeavour from a cabin on the Brigus barrons cooking Spanish paella on the Coleman.
    Next thing you know, they'll be claiming they it snowed.
    I need better proof.

  3. great job on the blog Jason :)

  4. Sandra and Glenys...in the middle of all the unexpected (snow, cold, blisters and drying clothes in the frost conditions),it sounds like you are having a wonderful experience! Aren't you happy at this time that I'm not with you though!!!! While I would be froze to death, I can only imagine the fun. This is my first experience with blog thanks to Jason and his patience and it is a great way of following your journey ( even if Jason and Harold are correct and you are somewhere in the barrons locally.) I will be following your journey closely and will have to be content with living this experience vicariously. Be safe and enjoy. Peggy

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Clarence and I have been following your journey from the warm Florida weather. Aren't we lucky. While you are comquering the hills of Spain we are exploring the beaches of St. Pete's. Must say though that it appears you guys are visiting more bars that we are. Something is definately wrong here. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you enjoy Spain as much as we did. It's awesome.


  6. Hello Sandra,
    Bill and I wish you both a safe journey and we will be following your blog with interest.
    We were at St. Mark's this morning - Frank is looking good.
    We will be praying for you especially your feet !!
    Jessie and Bill

  7. Happy Birthday to-o you-u!
    Happy birthday to-o you-u!
    Happy birthday dear Sa-an-dra!
    Happy birthday to-o-o you-u-u!!

    Hope your feet are much improved and your day is full of sunshine. I'm still reading Joyce Rupp and following your journey on the map.

    Love and blessings,

  8. Sandra

    I did post you a Happy Birthday wish yesterday but I guess my computer challenges are becoming transparent as I can't seem to find it today. I trust you had a birthday to remember and can't wait to hear how you celebrated!! Take care of your feet!


  9. Aunt Sandra & Glenys:

    Sounds like you are having an interesting time...
    Hopefully the weather will continue to be nice...Looking forward to seeing you photos when you get back...Take Care and enjoy...We all really enjoy hearing about your adventure.

    Ruby & Richard

  10. Hi Glenys,
    Just a hello and to let you know we are thinking about you (at the mental)pictures look good, good to see you and Sandra having the time of your life walk-on.