Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poverty, Chastity, & Obedience

"There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country.  A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo.  Even a bicycle goes too fast."
~Paul Scott Mowrer, "The House of Europe"

Sandra walking on one of the trails today on route to San Miguel Albergue
in Hosptial De Orbigo just before arrival time and just before the rain

I checked my email after work today and found an email with some attached photos.  Let's get right down to it.
You must be thinking that we fell off the face of the earth - but alas No!
330km to Santiago as of March 21st
We walked 28,7 kms in the rain on my birthday; Glenys had two fancy squares and candles for the celebrations. We ate and fell into bed dead tired. We arrived in Leon early on Saturday afternoon after walking 12.4 kms and booked into the Monastery with the Nuns for the night. Later that night after Glenys (enjoying final recovery of a stomach bug) got into bed I checked my feet that had been hurting that day and saw a red streek going from my small toe up my foot - a little scary in a foreign country!. Anyway I made my way downstairs to ask about the hospital and they got Sr. Monica for me because she speaks some English. Fortunately they had a sister would was a Dr. so they got her out of bed and when she checked me she informed me that I had an infection and needed antibotics and needed to stay off my feet for a few days!
Guess you´ve heard about pilgrims walking the Camino to Santiago in order for their sins to be forgiven - Well my penance was staying in bed in Leon on a beautiful hot day! Anyway we got back on the trail lunch time yesterday (Monday) and walked for 12.6 kms to a most beautiful home where we were served a lovely supper and slept in the loft. Headed off again this morning and have walked 8.9 kms, just ate lunch and are now heading to Hospital de Orbigo, another 12.7 kms. That makes us a little behind so we´ll have to see if we can make Santiago for Easter.
Staying in Nunnery?  Picturesque I'm sure, but c'mon now.  Poverty - check.  Obedience - maybe under the right circumstances?  I'll leave it there for now, but let's just say I have visions of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act but without the singing.

With the gracious assistance of a gentlemen who ran one of the hostels, more photos and captions were sent along, so I'll leave them with you.

Please Enjoy,

Leon is famous for trout fishing in Spain.  See the fellow sitting out by the bridge in the middle of the city fishing to his heart´s delight.  A little different from Frank´s or Bp. Cy´s favorite Fishing Hole!!

These very big birds (ciguena) come back to wspain in the spring and make these huge nests in tall towers and lay their eggs.  Don´t miss the first & last letters of the Greek Alphabet

This was a very friendly pilgrim in a small village today who had treats laid out for pilgrims and gave myself & Glenys handfuls for our pockets.

Sandra pearched by one of the many fountains in Spain (Not sure if she meant perched or preached?  Either is possible - J)
One of our rest spots - Glenys pitched on a rock, gazing at the water and thinking that in so many ways things are like Newfoundland


  1. Not sure I'll be able to forget the Sister Act reference for awhile! Good laugh! Glad you are both recovering and back on your way!

  2. Regarding the religious vows of "Poverty, Chastity, & Obedience." Let's just say, I've spend my whole life trying to get past the first.
    Glad that you are continuing on journey, almost unscathed. Thank God for "medical" Nuns.
    Keep smiling. Remember, the finish line is just a hop, skip and jump away.

  3. You're a tough old bird, Sandra Tilley. Is the infection cleared up? That was a good coincidence that one of the nuns was a doctor. Take it as easy as you can.

  4. Take care of yourself Nan :) We miss you!

  5. "Remember, the finish line is just a hop, skip and jump away."

    Now, you do realize that the milestone said 330 km, not 330 m, right? ;) - J

  6. I enjoyed the photoes and you are both looking great.
    Hope the antibotics did their workand your feet are feeling better.
    Take care of yourselves and don't try to break any records !

  7. With all that walking, you still had time to write a message and send a postcard. You are "a heck of a woman doing a heck of a job"!!!

    We hope your infection cleared up. How are those blisters? Thinking of you as you do your Camino.
    Love, Noreen and Harold

  8. Hi to you both,
    We just read through all of the entries....sat here on Hopes bed...myself, Mom and Hope. Going to let Dad read it all now...sure he will love to see the pictures. Happy Belated birthday. Dad got his card earlier this week...thanks.

    We never doubted you had boarded the plane...and the pictures are the proof. Love reading the entries but cannot wait to here the stories when you get back.

    Wendy, Hope, Lillian and Mervyl

  9. Hi Sandra and Glenys

    God Bless your committment,endurance and sense of humor. I am sure each has come in handy as you encountered some of the challenges (unseasonal weather- snow, cold, rain, sore feet, infections, stomach bug etc.)along the way.
    Was that devine intervention or what, to have been in a monastry with a Nun and one who could offer medical attention when you needed it??? While that gave me comfort, I have to admit I was entertained with your image of the situation Jason. Whoopi Goldberg in the Sister Act..definitely...I am still chuckling!
    This is just one of many stories and I can't wait to hear more. I'm wondering about the best venue for the details though Sandra and Glenys...a Spa or a confession box???
    Glenys, you are not to be out done...having squares and candles for Sandra's birthday. I suspect that that made up for all the sore feet and discomfort that she might have experienced!
    You are both an inspiration to all of us. I love following your journey!
    Be safe and enjoy.