Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Quick Note From Our Pilgrims

When I checked my email this morning, here's what I found:
We´re stopped here at a bar in Itero de la Vega for lunch so dropping a note to say hello and let you know how things are going.Last night we were in Castrojeriz at an albergue for the night but unfortunately there was absolutely no heat on the second floor where we were and very little on the first floor. We wore our clothes to bed and put a blanket over our sleeping bag but it was still pretty cold - forget the shower in these conditions, a little bit of dirt never hurt anyone!! We´ve been walking through the Meseta which is basically flat rolling hills with occassional steep assents - this morning we went up 900 meters over 1.2 kms. What a view when we got there. The Meseta also means there is a fair cold wind blowing. I still have some trouble with my feet but I think it´s a bit better. We hope to be in Leon by the 18th or 19th depending on these feet of mine (prayers for feet never go astray) and then we´ll take a night in the Hotel - oh the luxuries of life! We are going to Boadilla del Camino or Fromista tonight. Hopefully we´ll get somewhere where we can send some photos soon.
Myself & Glenys are getting along fine, not even a cross word - must be family or friend or something or maybe survival works best in twos. I think that´s biblical isn´t it?

Hope yu are all fine. Take care

So, all seems to be well. Can' t help but wondering though... did 10th century pilgrims spend this much time in bars?

Until next time,

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  1. Girls

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you journey. So glad you are enjoying the time together. We're saying extra prayers for your feet (and the rest of you too). All the best.

    Great job Jason - thanks so much.

    Joan & Jim