Monday, March 15, 2010

Sandra... Don't Climb the Trees!

Presumably they are still making progress. Although, after eating all of that food I can't see how anyone would have the energy to climb trees.
We hit a jackpot last night! It was a home that had a number of rooms and we had one with two single beds, toilets & showers and heat!! It had a dining room where they served a delicious supper of lentil soup, hake, salad and dessert. We shared it with 13 other pilgrims (some were staying in the adjoining aldergue). 4 of us were Canadians plus Americans, Australian, French and Spanish. The host was a young Spanish man and his family - they were wonderful with the service, friendliness and helpfulness. I was given a wonderful hot pan of water with salt and vinegar to soak my feet - what a treat!.

Up for the usual Spanish breakfast of coffee/tea (Glenys is having a field day with Spanish coffee that included half black coffee mixed with half hot milk) and toasted bread. They eat bread here by the basket load.

On the trail before 9:00 (took a pictures on their beautiful grounds). Walking along a canal with loads of scyamore trees - it´s easy to see how Zacchaeus climbed the tree to see Jesus. It´s also a nice day for walking - no snow, no ice, no rain - wow wee!!

Heading back to the trail hope all is fine at home.

Hopefully we'll have some more photographic proof in the not-too-distant future to corroborate the "alleged" trip.

Until next time,


  1. Michelle Smith-AntleMarch 16, 2010 at 1:10 PM

    I love reading about your adventures. Keep them coming. What an amazing experience! Enjoy every second.


  2. All the talks of food, and bread make me hungry :)

  3. This blog is a marvelous idea. Thanks, Jason. Sandra, We are all praying for you, especially for those FEET!

    May God guide your every step

  4. Sandra,

    A big happy birthday tomorrow -Friday March 19th- as you traipse (as my grandmother used to say) across Spain. Enjoy!!!!!

    Kevin and Kay

  5. Hi Sandra,

    Glad to hear you are having a great time. Hope your feet are feeling better!

    We also had a great day here in New Orleans. I did a "Sandra" and took a picture of the great lunch we had. The food is awesome.

    I know you and Glenys will have some interesting stories and photos to share when you get home.

    Have a Happy Birthday on Friday. That will surely be a time to try out another of Spains watering holes. Enjoy the Tapas Bars. Next time you're in Halifax we try the ones there.

    Happy Trails.

    Gloria and Clarence.