Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Room At the Inn

Not a lot of time to embellish today, but here are a couple of recent emails I've received. It looks like they're going to make it.
Hi everyone,
First let me say what a wonderful project on the old Stadium - I´m so proud of you Ben and so happy to have your project on our Blogsite. I´m sorry I´m missing your Heritage Fair but I´m sure mom will take some pictures that I´ll see when I get home. What a boy!! In fact two good boys (Jason & Ben) and little boy on the way (how exciting!) Never mind Allison, I´ve been a minority in my own home all my married life - thank goodness for the female dogs!
Something I forgot to include on the last blog message - the one going up the hill in the snowstorm. We were stopped on the top of one rise, taking a rest when a vehicle stopped and a man with a camera jumped out and took pictures of us trudging through the snow with our knapsacks on our back - he is a photographer for a magazine on the the Santiago Trail. So who knows we may be published BUT there was no promises! He was impressed we were from Canada, said we were use to this, to which we quickly replied we had less snow at home than in Spain.
Now let me go current again - Palm Sunday, March 28th
We´re thinking we´ve encountered just about everything since starting in Logrono on the 3rd of March, so we trudged on for approximately 24kms on a beautiful day and arrived at Portomarin. But fear not, there´s more to experience! There is no room in the inn!! Literally, the albergues are full, as are the hostels, the habitations and yes the hotel. Besides that it is 7kms to the next town - we´re too tired and the toes won´t cooperate!! So here we go - buy a foam roll up mat and bunk'er down on the floor in a sport´s facility along with approximately twenty others who can not find accommodations. Needless to say it was hard with only one inch of foam, it was cold with no heat and there was one toilet at the opposite end of the building (I only made my way there once during the night!), and open public showers in the basement (that we decided to pass up in order to conserve body temperature for the night!). We were all in the same boat and understanding of each other plus a young man and two young women from England were very kind to us and made sure we were ok. The good news - we had a roof over our head, food to eat, company, each other and God to give us courage and hope. The bad news - we woke up to rain.
A short version for yesterday - we started out in fairly light rain, it cleared away during the day, we walked through lovely countryside. The last 4 kms was torrential and we were soaked by the time we reached Palas de Rey - checked all the albergues during the last 4 kms and they were all full. You´re right - everything in Palas de Rey was blocked!! BTW Hundreds of Spanish people joined the trail last Friday, some walking all the way, some being dropped of daily by the bus load. It is traditional for many of them to walk from Sarria to Santiago (or somewhere in this area) for Easter and this is especially so this year because 2010 is a Holy Year. Again there´s good news; a young man in a hotel we checked phoned around and found another hotel 10kms off the road that had vacancies and with two young ladies who were in the same boat as us we got a taxi out there (only 9 Euros). The taxi came back for us this morning and brought us back to the trail again. We are finding the Spanish people very helpful.
Back on the trail again the morning with rain but some sun in between. Not a bad day walking. Just stopped in the Internet cafe so we could email while we ate - had a tasty pizza! Gotta hit the road Jack. We´ve walked 14.5kms so far today and need to go another 11.5 or 13.1 - let´s hope/pray there´s room in the inn tonight.
Talk later - two more days after this one and we´ll be in Santiago (where I might add we have a hotel booked!!
Probably be in touch from Santiago.
Sandra & Glenys

I received this one yesterday:
This will be a short one. It´s March 31st and tonight at midnight we Newfoundland Canadians will be celebrating our 61st birthday! Today we left Boente at 9:00am with the weather questionable and by 11:00am there was no question - it was pouring. Tonight we are in Arca after walking 24.8kms. That means we are now 18.5kms from Santiago!!! We are in an Albergue with a bed each (good considering the first two we checked were full). But look out - tomorrow we move into a hotel for three full days and nights to celebrate Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Day in Santiago - how exciting is that. 
By the way we had another go at being famous today - had our picture taken (two drowned pilgrims Glenys said, I was thinking two drowned rats) and it´s going to be on Facebook identified by the date March 31st. We don´t have our address here so will have to send that later.
It´s 10:00pm so two lowly pilgrims are off to bed.
Sandra & Glenys

So again we are up-to-date.  Til next time (and have a good Easter weekend),


  1. Never a lack of excitement with you two! Glad you're going to end up in Santiago for the Easter weekend - I know that was important to you. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on that later! Take care!


  2. Your adventures are so interesting and I check each day to see if there is another one !!
    You are both so courageous and a inspiration to anyone. So glad that you will have a rest this weekend.
    Happy Easter to you both,

  3. Glad to hear that you´re probably here in Santiago -- so am I, plus Jim and Pam, Alexandra ... I´m keeping a lookout for you! Best wishes -- Leslie Taylor, Canadian peregrina

  4. Hi Sandra and Glenys

    Sounds like you've reached your goal to be in Santiago for Easter! (Was there ever any doubt???) It would take more than the snow and rain to stop you! All those challenges will make for good stories to share.

    Delighted to hear that you have accommodations arranged though and plans to have a rest, shower facilities ( hopefully) and a bed!

    Hope you are having a memorial Easter.

  5. Hi Aunt Sandra and Glenys,

    I'm just catching up on your news....been a few days since I checked the blog. The first few times I checked I wondered what it would be like to be on this journey with you....after reading the INN issue I've decided that I'll settle for something a little less adventurous!

    You have been sharing the physical challenges and beauty but I can't even begin to imagine what spiritual growth you must both be getting from this journey.

    Happy walking....see you soon.